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Organ Donation Makes a Difference

More than 100,000 people are waiting for a life-saving kidney or liver transplant. While only 4 in every 25,000 people donate an organ while living, HR policies can make donations more difficult than they need to be.

About the Circle of Excellence

The Circle of Excellence makes it easy for you to support employees who choose to donate an organ. The American Society of Transplantation's Living Donor Circle of Excellence is a corporate recognition program which celebrates companies helping to eliminate barriers to living donation.

Giving Makes a Difference

Your gift makes a real impact on the lives of real people

"One of Philadelphia's Magic Gardens' top priorities is supporting our incredible staff in as many ways as possible. Living organ donation is perhaps one of the most humanistic-affirming and generous actions an individual could possibly do for another. We want to ensure that any staff person considering organ donation will receive the support and respect deserved for such an incredible act." 

Emily Smith
Executive Director/ Philadelphia's Magic Gardens

"Living kidney donation saves lives! Donors are often willing to help, but have legitimate concerns about their own job security and finances during recovery. Companies who offer a paid leave benefit for employees who give the gift of life provide a valuable link from living donor to transplant recipient, and alleviate some of the financial barriers living donors face." 

Kimberly Baldwin
Patient Navigator / University of Alabama Birmingham

Why Join the Circle? 

HR Benefits

Adding an Organ Donor Leave Policy to your employee incentive program.

Today, employees expect much more from their workplace other than competitive salaries and standard benefits. Offering innovative employee perks is an excellent way to express your appreciation for employees and their contributions to your company.

Some of the benefits of implementing a paid leave policy for living organ donors include:

  • Adding an organ donor leave policy is a great addition to any company’s employee incentive plan.
  • Living donation is a rare occurrence, but an HR policy on organ donation can save lives.
  • An organ donor leave policy demonstrates to your employees that you care about them and your company culture.
  • Implementing a policy enhances your company’s competitiveness, allowing you to attract star employees and reduce turnover.
  • This added perk can increase morale and productivity.

PR and Marketing Benefits

  • Recognition on LivingDonorCircle.com (Company logo and link to company website)
  • Social media recognition from the American Society of Transplantation
  • Personalized certificate that will be mailed to you upon acceptance
  • Receive a free media kit so you can celebrate/spread the word about your new or existing policy

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