ALF is a proud partner of the AST Living Donor Circle of Excellence.

The Circle of Excellence is a no-cost company recognition program that celebrates employers offering paid leave to employees who become living donors. If your company is interested in joining the Circle of Excellence, request more information or apply today!

American Liver Foundation’s (ALF) mission is to promote education, advocacy, support services and research for the prevention, treatment, and cure of liver disease.

Founded in 1976, ALF is the nation’s largest patient advocacy organization for people with liver disease. ALF reaches more than four million individuals each year with health information, education and support services through our website, free helpline, social media platforms, programs, and community events.

ALF makes an impact in the fight against liver disease by educating patients, families, care­givers and healthcare professionals; advo­cating for patients and their families; funding medical research to advance treatments for liver patients; and creating public awareness campaigns about liver wellness and disease prevention. ALF is the trusted voice for all patients and families living with liver disease. Learn more at or by calling 1-800-GO-LIVER.

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