CST is a proud partner of the AST Living Donor Circle of Excellence.

The Circle of Excellence is a no-cost company recognition program that celebrates employers offering paid leave to employees who become living donors. If your company is interested in joining the Circle of Excellence, request more information or apply today!

The financial hardships associated with living organ donation still remain to be a major disincentive for many donors. Although there are initiatives and programs to compensate for some out-of-pocket expenses, most employers haven't established policies to provide coverage for lost wages. The Living Donor Circle of Excellence aims to eliminate the financial costs of living organ donation by recognizing companies who support living donation through providing lost wages. Request more information above or apply today!

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Employers Can Help Save Lives

Watch Diane and Michael Peirce's story of how the generosity of a complete stranger saved her life and hear from Joy Magarrey who donated part of her liver and was able to take time off work without financial strain thanks to the support of her employer.

Watch more testimonials from patient partners.

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